• Kira Lichtenfeld

Teenagers Driving the Future

Electric vehicles have been taking off, and with affordable options becoming available, more communities are getting involved. Recently, my local Climate Reality Chapter started an electric vehicle committee and is implementing an innovative idea to get teenagers involved.

They are having high school students sign a commitment that their first car will be an electric vehicle.

While teenagers probably don't have enough money to get a car, they have a big impact on their parents' purchasing decisions. A report by the National Retail Federation revealed that 87% of parents say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by their kids.

For cars, this is particularly important because they last about 8-15 years and spew about 37-69 metric tons of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere.

If you and your parents shop for a used electric vehicle, they can be more affordable than you think. Click here for a helpful list of options.

You can help drive the future too, by talking to your parents about electric vehicles and encouraging others to do the same. You can implement the signed commitment through a club at your school or a community organization. With your help, youth can make a tremendous difference in how adults spend their money.

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