• Kira Lichtenfeld

Taking it to the Streets

Where I live, there used to be lots of open green space. Growing up, I remember driving down the streets and seeing cows and forests along the major roads. Now, these areas have been developed and most of this land has been deforested and used for housing and shopping centers.

There is one untouched natural area left in my town and it was recently threatened.

The City Commission was considering selling the forest to a developer to construct a single-family home neighborhood. I joined about 50 residents of the nearby area to protest this development in late October. In the end, the city decided not to sell the land and keep the wildlife and their habitat intact.

Taking an hour out of your day to protest for a cause that you are passionate about can make a big difference. If you feel strongly about an issue in your community, reach out to your friends and family and organize to make a change.

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