• Kira Lichtenfeld

Mangs for MANG

If you enjoy gardening and are passionate about protecting the oceans, look no further. You can grow mangroves and donate them to be replanted along the coast. There are numerous organizations working to restore our coastal ecosystems, so you can definitely find one to donate your mangroves to. If you can't grow the mangroves yourself, but are still passionate about them, you can volunteer and donate to organizations that work to protect coastal ecosystems.

After a year and a half of our marine conservation club members growing mangroves at their homes, we delivered over 65 mangroves and 20 propagules to MANG, an apparel company funding mangrove restoration projects. Founder Kyle Rossin converted the tennis court on his family's property into a nursery for growing mangroves. They recently completed a restoration project in the Bahamas where they sent over 20,000 seedlings and propagules to help with coastal damage from hurricane Dorian.

Thank you to MANG for the opportunity to help protect our local ecosystems!

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